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Oyen Hours

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Monday - 11:00 to 19:00 (11 am to 7 pm)
Tuesday - 11:00 to 19:00 (11 am to 7 pm)
Wednesday - 11:00 to 19:00 (11 am to 7 pm)
Thursday - 11:00 to
19:00 (11 am to 7 pm)   
Friday - 11:00 to 19:00 (11 am to 7 pm)
Saturday - 11:00 to 19:00 (11 am to 7 pm)
Sunday - 11:00 to 19:00 (11 am to 7 pm)

ITEMS IN  STOCK OYEN (As of April 10 2024):

Canntinis THC-CBG (House of Terpenes) Beverage $6.00
Cream Soda Sparkling Beverage (XMG) Beverage $7.00
Tropical Fruit Sparkling Beverage (XMG) Beverage $7.00*NEW
Propulsion Pulsar Peach THC+CBG+Caffeine (Deep Space) Beverage $7.00
Cherry Cola 10 (Sweet Justice) Beverage $8.00
Pacific Island Punch (Sweet Justice) Beverage $8.00*1 Left
Pomegranate 4:1 CBD:THC (Pearls by Gron) Gummy $5.00*NEW
Pomegranate Blueberry Acai 1:5 THC:CBD (Wana) Gummy $6.00
Pineapple Passionfruit 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBG (Wana) Gummy $6.00
The Blue One- Sativa (No Future) Gummy $3.00
The Purple One- Sativa (No Future) Gummy $3.00
Pomegranate Berry Glitch (Drift) Gummy $3.00
Strawberry Mango (SOURZ by Spinach) Gummy $5.00
5 Loco (General Admission) Gummy $6.00*NEW
The Green One- Indica (No Future) Gummy $3.00*NEW
Root Beer Blast (Shred’ems Pop!) Gummy $5.00
Sour Blue Razzberry (Shred’ems) Gummy $5.00*NEW
Blue Raspberry Watermelon (SOURZ by Spinach) Gummy $5.00
Classic Midnight Berry Indica THC:CBD:CBN (Wana) Gummy $10.00
Twilight Tranquility (Monjour Bare) Gummy $36.00
Orchard Medley (Monjour Bare) Gummy $36.00
THC Caps 20 x 10mg Caps THC Caps $20.00*NEW
THC Classic Beef Jerky (Sneaky Snacks) Beef Jerky $15.00
Mini Doughnuts Chocolate (Canna Squarz) Chocolate $4.00
1:1 THC/CBN Dark Chocolate (Indiva) Chocolate $4.00
Milk Chocolate 1:1 THC:CBD (Bernard’s Creations) Chocolate $5.00
Peach Ginger Tea (Everie) 3 x Tea Bags $17.00*1 Left
Dissolvable THC Distillate Powder (TGOD) THC Powder $6.00
Dissolvable CBD Distillate Powder (TGOD) CBD Powder $10.00
Sunrise THC:CBG Sativa 1:1 Capsules (Indiva) Capsule $33.00
CBD50 Capsules (Dosecann) Capsules $42.00*NEW
Light Year THC10 (Emprise Canada) Softgel $35.00
CBN + CBD Softgels (Emprise Canada) Softgel $44.00
THC 30 Oil (Divvy) Oil $32.00
2:1 THC/CBN Nighttime Formula (Medipharm) Oil $39.00
NightNight Full Spectrum CBN+CBD Oil (NightNight) Oil $28.00
CBD 30 Oil (Pure Sunfarms) Oil $34.00
Max CBD Cannabis Oil (TWD) Oil $63.00
Lavender Fizz Bath Bomb (Noon & Night) 85g $13.00
Blueberry Sunset CBD Salt Soak (Rebound) 500g $38.00*1 Left
Rapid Relief Muscle & Joint Nano CBD Spray (Emprise) 30g $23.00
CBD Daily Relief Cream (Dosecann) 60g $40.00
Extra Strength CBD Relief Muscle & Joint Cream (Proofly) 100g $40.00*1 Left
Blueberry Blaster Hash Rip Strips (Shred X) 2.0g $26.00
Blonde Hash Sativa (Original Stash) 2.0g $32.00
Haschtag Premium (HK) 2.0g $33.00
Temple Ball Hash (Good Supply) 2.0g $33.00
Paddy’s Golden Pot (Delta 9) 2.0g $20.00
Fuji Apple Moon Rocks (Dab Bods) 2.0g $37.00
Alien OG Disty Dabber (Boxhot) 1.2g $35.00
Platinum Jelly Shatter (Endgame) 1.0g $30.00
Ice Wreck Shatter (Phyto) 1.0g $30.00*NEW
Roil Rubies Diamonds & Terp Sauce (Roilty) 1.0g $35.00*1 Left
Hawaiian Sativa Shatter (Dab Bods) 1.0g $28.00
Pink Princess Shatter (Roilty) 1.0g $30.00
White Knight Sugar Wax (Roilty) 1.0g $30.00
Phoenix Tears (Stigma Grow) 1.0g $32.00
THCA Diamonds (Kolab Project) 1.0g $44.00
Funk Master- Jar of Joints (Shred) 14x0.5g $42.00*NEW
Ethos Glue (Countryside Cannabis) 10x0.5g $30.00
Cold Creek Kush (Redecan) 10x0.4g $20.00*1 Left
Mango Tango (Grdnwrks) 10x0.5g $24.00
Gluerangutan (Good Buds) 7x0.5g $20.00
Oreoz Breath (Coterie) 7x0.5g $31.00
Waffle Bites (Cake & Caviar) 3x0.5g $19.00
Crab Cakes (SKOSHA) 3x0.5g $14.00*NEW
WTF (What the Fruit) Strawberry (Supernova Farms) 3x0.5g $17.00
Freedom Reserve (Freedom Cannabis) 3x0.5g $12.00
Cosmic Cream (San Rafael ‘71) 3x0.5g $14.00
Space Funk (Supernova Farms) 3x0.5g $16.00
Titanimal (Truro) 3x0.5g $16.00
Select Pheno #7 (Coterie) 3x0.5g $16.00
Death Star (Bold) 3x0.5g $17.00*NEW
INFUSED Blue Widow Indica Inf (Debunk Darts) 5x0.3g $24.00
INFUSED Dosi Melon (Good Buds) 5x0.5g $25.00
INFUSED Fully Charged Strawberry Slurricane Inf (Spinach) 5x0.5g $32.00
INFUSED Wild Berry Juiced Inf (Good Supply Juiced) 5x0.5g $32.00*NEW
INFUSED Rainbow Sherb Distillate Inf (General Admission) 5x0.5g $37.00*NEW
INFUSED NightNight Inf CBD/CBN (NightNight) 5x0.5g $25.00
INFUSED Blueberry Resin Inf (Dab Bods) 3x0.5g $36.00
INFUSED Sativa Inf (Station House) 3x0.5g $25.00
INFUSED Greasy Grape Frosties Inf (Phyto) 3x0.5g $20.00
INFUSED Tiger Blood Distillate Inf (General Admission) 3x0.5g $26.00
INFUSED Groovy Grape Blunt (Good Supply Juiced) 1x1.0g $15.00*NEW
INFUSED Monkey Walker 1000mg (Good Supply Monsters) 1x2.38g $30.00*NEW
California Peach (Weed Me Max) 1.0g $31.00*NEW
Kush Mint (Back Forty) 1.0g $32.00
Gooey Gold (Good Supply) 1.0g $32.00*NEW
Pumpkin Pleasure FSE Shatter (Dab Bods) 1.0g $32.00
Yoo-hoo Yuzu 5:1 THC:CBG (Lamplighter) 1.0g $32.00
Nana’s Jam (XPLOR) 1.0g $24.00*NEW
Pineapple Paradise (Spinach) 1.0g $30.00*NEW
Sour Mango (Jonny Chronic) 1.0g $30.00*NEW
Frozen Cherry Lemonade (Bold) 1.0g $30.00*NEW
Orange Ice (Weed Me Max) 1.0g $31.00
Blue Razz Durban Full Tilt THCV (Spinach Feelz) 1.0g $32.00
Blue Kiwi (-Ness) 1.0g $33.00
Rooty B (Sticky Greens) 1.0g $36.00
Carnival Clouds (Sticky Greens) 1.0g $39.00*1 Left
Mango Passionfruit (Good Supply) 1.0g $32.00
Hard Hitters Forbidden RNTZ Liquid Diamond (Endgame) 1.0g $35.00*1 Left
Vanilla Twist Live Rosin (Astrolab) 1.0g $42.00
Apple Kush CBD:CBG (Northbound Cannabis) 1.0g $39.00
Blasted Berry (Electric Lettuce) 1.0g $34.00
Jungle Fruit (General Admission) 1.0g $37.00*NEW
Rainbow RNTZ (Phyto) 1.0g $32.00*1 Left
Tiger Blood (General Admission) 1.0g $37.00
INFUSED Grape Ape Inf Milled (Dab Bods) 3.5g $28.00*NEW
Tangerine Cookies (Wink) 3.5g $18.00
Kush Mints (Tweed) 3.5g $24.00
Event Horizon (Space Race) 3.5g $25.00*NEW
Cherry Bomb (Jonny Chronic) 3.5g $20.00*1 Left
Mandarin Cookies (Back Forty) 3.5g $20.00
Cuban Linx (Tribal) 3.5g $26.00*1 Left
Peach Gelato (Spinach) 3.5g $26.00
Black Mountain Side (HK Happy Hour) 3.5g $30.00
Space Age Cake (Redecan) 3.5g $23.00
Space Gryffins (Space Race) 3.5g $25.00*NEW
CBD OG Kush (Tweed Lites) 3.5g $24.00
Windmill Hybrid Milled- Glueberry OG (Windmill) 7g $20.00*1 Left
Gnarberry (Shred) 7g $32.00
Liquid Imagination (Back Forty) 7g $35.00*1 Left
Blue Space Trufflez (Endgame) 7g $40.00
4 the Oceans- Garlicane (Cannabis4Good) 7g $47.00*1 Left
Holy Ground Citrus Sweet n Sour Milled (3Saints) 7g $27.00*NEW
Pie in the Sky (Good Supply) 7g $34.00
Slurface (Alberta Bud) 7g $37.00
Tahiti Treat (Western Cannabis) 7g $45.00
Windmill Indica Milled- Grape Pie x Slurricane (Windmill) 7g $20.00
Banana Cream (Potluck) 7g $33.00
Black Mamba (Ritual Green) 7g $39.00
Orange Kush Cake (Joi Botanicals) 7g $59.00
Lime Soda (-Ness) 14g $74.00
Mmmosa Evo (CALI) 14g $82.00
Frosted Animal Cake (Redecan) 14g $69.00
Chemsicle (Tweed) 14g $69.00
Alternate Reality- Lemon Daddy (Space Race) 14g $79.00
Organic Sugar Bush (The Green Organic Dutchmen) 14g $84.00
Ninja Kush (Craftport Cannabis) 14g $63.00
Gorilla Berry (Tweed) 14g $69.00*NEW
Multiverse- Bubblegum Kush (Space Race) 14g $79.00
Middleburg Hybrid (Highly Dutch) 28g $130.00
All Purpose Flower (Bake Sale) 28g $72.00*1 Left
Strawberry Amnesia (The Original Fraser Valley) 28g $89.00*NEW
Dank on a Dime Sativa Rotating (Dank on a Dime) 28g $104.00*NEW
Armageddon (Space Race) 28g $152.00
Dank on a Dime Indica Rotating (Dank on a Dime) 28g $104.00*NEW
Blue Cheese (Palmetto) 28g $125.00
Rotterdam Indica- Sugar Cookies (Highly Dutch Organic) 28g $130.00
Sugar Diesel 10 pack of Seeds (Weathered Islands Craft) Seeds $83.00

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